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Joke of the day

Post by Admin on Tue May 10, 2016 5:21 am

Akpos and his best friend Kome sat in the
exam room to write their final exams.
Kome had studied very well for the paper
while Akpos had not.
This is what went on between them in the
exam room. INVIGILATOR : 10 mins more…
AKPOS : Kome, are you done with the
KOME : Yes, but I am now doing the
AKPOS : Ok then pass the theory to me, for me
to copy because I have not done anything.
KOME : Is that so? Ok take it and copy
time is not on our side.
AKPOS : Thanks INVIGILATOR : Get ready to stop
KOME : Hey Akpos, give me my paper.
AKPOS : Oh Kome, I couldn’t do it
oo…it was too much, so I cancelled your
name and wrote my name there… KOME : What!!! INVIGILATOR : Stop work!!!.
What will you do to Akpos?


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